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Single Sign-On

Is there such a thing as too many cloud apps?

At first, every new cloud app means one less server to manage. Everyone high-fives as the server racks are emptied out and replaced with a foosball table.
But then, one day, there are just too many apps. Finance starts complaining about managing all the vendors. Users tire of remembering complex passwords and take insecure shortcuts. IT plays endless whack-a-mole with integration issues. The IT guys feel like crying, but they no longer have a server room to cry in.

If you’ve been following the news, you’re well aware of the need to have a unique strong password for every single account. Just ask the 400 Dropbox users who had their passwords exposed by a hacker who stole the passwords from other services and learned that they work on Dropbox as well. (The hacker claims to have 7 million Dropbox passwords.)

ConnectID already makes it easier for users to comply with strong password policies because it remembers passwords FOR your users—which means they can select unique strong passwords without having to commit them to memory.